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Our mission is to be a catalyst for community action through research.

In community-based research, the questions come from the community and, using credible research methods, community members, researchers, professors and students work collaboratively to find the answers. Trent University students gain academic credit and valuable experience by undertaking supervised research projects for local community organizations. We look forward to working with you.

Success stories

The Future of Food and Farming: Moving Forward
Host organization: Peterborough Social Planning Council, Farms at Work, Transition Town Peterborough
Students: Christine Cook & Sasha Patterson (International Development Studies)

The three partnered host organizations are interested in increasing access to local food. To better understand the practical barriers of increasing local food consumption, grocery store owners in Peterborough City and County were surveyed about the barriers that grocery stores face in sourcing local products, and their perceptions of the concept “local.” Read more. →