A catalyst for change through research

The Trent Community Research Centre facilitates community-based research in Peterborough, Ontario. By connecting passionate students at Trent University with community groups with research questions, we aim to be a catalyst of community change through research. We provide students with enriching educational experiences while delivering relevant, valuable research to our community partners.



Photo credit: Elizabeth Thipphawong

Meet one of our students

Trent Browett has completed two community-based research projects with the TCRC, one for the Municipality of Dysart and the other for the Human Services and Justice Coordinating Committee (Peterborough). “These experiences have by far been the most enriching experiences I’ve had during my undergraduate career,” Trent says in the video below.

Research Achievements

Peterborough’s Perception of Immigration
Host organization: New Canadians Centre
Student: Sabina Thiessen (International Development Studies)

Sabina Thiessen partnered with the New Canadians Centre in 2015 to produce this project studying how immigration is perceived among members of the Peterborough community. To read about this and other completed projects, click here.


Making Early Diversion Work
Host organization: HSJCC and the Peterborough Police Service
Students: Trent Browett (International Development Studies) and Scott Maufront (Business Administration)

Trent and Scott undertook a review of the Peterborough Police Service’s pre-charge diversion program for offenders with mental health and substance abuse issues and recommended how to improve the program. Read more about the project here.