Master’s student Maddy Macnab documents early history of the New Canadians Centre

Maddy Macnab, a Master’s candidate in the Canadian and Indigenous Studies program at Trent, has partnered with the New Canadians Centre to document the oral history of the organization’s founding and early days. Macnab’s project, arranged through the Trent Community Research Centre, will serve as her Master’s thesis.

The New Canadians Centre was founded in 1979 as a group of volunteers supporting Vietnamese refugees. The organization has since grown and now serves over 800 new Canadians every year, including many Syrian refugees, making Macnab’s research into the organization’s founding especially relevant.

The early history of the New Canadians Centre has never been formally documented, and so Macnab’s work will be indispensable in preserving this important story in Peterborough’s history.

“It has always been important to me to be engaged with the community where I’m living, and to put my energies back into that community,” Macnab says.

“Working for change with other folks in my community in various ways has always been a great source of positive energy and an amazing learning experience.”

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