Maddy Macnab defends Master’s thesis on early history of New Canadians Centre

Maddy Macnab has successfully defended her thesis on the early history of the New Canadians Centre (NCC).

Macnab’s project, which was arranged through the Trent Community Research Centre, is the first to formally document the founding and early history of the NCC. Macnab’s work will help to preserve this important story in Peterborough’s history.

The NCC was founded in 1979 as a group of volunteers supporting Vietnamese refugees. It has now grown to serve over 800 new Canadians every year, including many newcomers from Syria.

“It has always been important to me to be engaged with the community where I’m living, and to put my energies back into that community,” Macnab said of her project in 2017.

Macnab’s defense was on January 23, 2018, and it was passed with no revisions.

Congratulations to Maddy!

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