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The idea for the Trent Community Research Centre (TCRC) was originally proposed through a partnership with Trent University in 1996. This long-standing and fruitful relationship is recognized throughout the world as a pioneering model for community-academic work in North America. The University is known for its interdisciplinary education and research, supportive community environment and emphasis on global perspectives.

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The U-Links Centre for Community-Based Research was established in 1999 to deliver the Community-Based Research (CBR) program in Haliburton County. While the CBR program is the main way we work together, the TCRC and U-Links share common goals and work together on many different projects. The TCRC would not be where it is today without the strong support of U-Links. U-Links is a project of the Haliburton County Community Co-operative (HCCC), a non-profit corporation formed by local citizens that is committed to undertaking and sponsoring entrepreneurial projects that support economic, cultural, social and environmental development in Haliburton County.

The County of Peterborough, having a permanent population of approximately 54,000 persons distributed over an area of 4,000 square kilometres, is comprised of eight (8) Townships.