Measuring Economic Impact of Festivals and Events in Dysart

Proj. #:4712
Description: The purpose of this project will be to determine the best measurement tool(s) to facilitate the Cultural Resources Committee task of evaluating and determining the cumulative economic impact of existing festivals and events in Dysart et al. The Municipality developed a municipal cultural plan in 2012. This is an economic development plan which focuses on arts culture and heritage. The Plan provides direction for cultural planning initiatives over a 10 year planning period. It outlines the strategic directions; the vision and guiding principles; the goals and objectives; and the recommended actions to be undertaken during the planning period. In 2015/2016 The Cultural Resource Committee developed four areas of focus as part of the overall Economic Development Plan of the Municipality. One of these was Festival Enhancement and Development with the goal to: Strengthen existing festivals and support the development of new ones in public spaces in Dysart et al as a way to strengthen the local economy and attract new residents and visitors to Haliburton. In order to address how festivals and events contribute to the Dysart et al local economy and its local economic development priorities, some of the questions to be answered for this project include: -What are best practices for collecting and analyzing economic impact of local festivals and events (i.e. system and/or methodology)? -What types of information needs to be collected to reflect economic success?