Analysis and Mapping of Transportation Needs

Proj. #:4753
Description: The Transportation Taskforce will be developing and conducting a survey on the transportation needs of a specific population related to access to employment education and other services. The survey will take place in the summer of 2017. Goals are to determine 1) Where people go 2) For what purposes 3) Where their point of origin is and 4) How they currently get places etc. This is important because although we know there is a need for transportation services in the county we lack this specific information on the travel needs of individuals. We will use survey findings as a basis for grant applications to inform our business case and to help make decisions about development of future transportation services. The student will be reviewing data, conducting analysis and generating a report that highlights common themes or issues and identifies gaps. The student will use GIS technology to map travel routes and destinations to provide a visual representation (e.g. Heat Map).