GIS Spatial Database to assist the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust (HHLT) - Project 1

Proj. #:4754
Description: Habitat loss and degradation are the greatest threats to biodiversity in Canada today. To mitigate this process in the Haliburton Highlands the HHLT is acquiring lands of ecological and cultural significance for conservation purposes. It works to select only those properties which clearly have long-term benefit to the public and can be maintained by the land trust in perpetuity. Through Environment and Climate Change Canadas Ecological Gifts Program four properties totaling almost 700 acres have currently been donated to the HHLT. The HHLT is responsible for the long term management and conservation of ecological gifts and their ecologically sensitive features. To this end the HHLT is responsible for preparing management plans as well as setting up stewardship programs and initiating and maintaining monitoring programs for its properties. The purpose of this project is to develop the mapping and data management tool that will enable the HHLT to consolidate its natural resources database and to more effectively manage its various properties over a long period of time. The GIS database will provide the HHLT with a long term strategic planning tool that will enable it to proactively undertake the identification of potentially ecologically significant properties across the Haliburton Highlands.