Permanent Sample Plots for Dahl Forest

Proj. #:4759
Description: Through Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Ecological Gifts Program, four properties totaling almost 700 acres have currently been donated to the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust (HHLT). Ecological gifts are made in perpetuity. The HHLT is responsible for the long term management and conservation of ecological gifts and their ecologically sensitive features. To this end the HHLT is required to and responsible for preparing management plans as well as setting up stewardship programs and initiating and maintaining monitoring programs for each of its properties. The HHLT currently has four (4) properties for which Permanent Sample Plots (PSP) are required. Our first priority is the Dahl Forest property. It is currently our largest property (500 acres) and is the most visited of our properties. The approach would be similar for each property despite the differences in size and ecosystem complexity. The project objective will be to determine and establish PSPs in Representative Ecosites to facilitate the long term monitoring of changes in vegetation biodiversity of the property. The outcome of this project will provide the HHLT with the ability to monitor on a long term basis changes in vegetation biodiversity and land use on its various properties.