Land Knowledge Circles

Proj. #:4764
Description: The Land Between (TLB) organization is a grassroots national charity and the first & only organization for an ecologically and culturally significant region that extends from Georgian Bay Coast to the Ottawa Valley. TLB conducts research as well as delivers conservation education and outreach. Each project in this region is pioneering. TLB strives for bioregionalism which is a sense of place that results in new understanding and behaviors. The organization therefore ensures that each project is integrative benefitting more than one sector and goal. Talking Circles are original forms of governance in all of the worlds cultures and are an ancient traditional and current form of governance for First Nations. This project will convene Settlers and First Nations in a modern arena but which employs Traditional Talking Circle for the first time since Colonization! The project will bring community members together to share testimonies and experience related to the land and to share evidence of changes and occurrences regarding the land its wildlife and the ability of the land to produce resources and renew itself. Traditional Talking Circles are inclusive in that all participants are on an equal platform and are valued integrally and equally for their contributions and voice where each voice is heard and appreciated. This project aims to assess the impacts of Talking Circles on individuals and relationships between peoples. The project therefore also aims to understand the benefits of these gatherings to the resiliency and strength of communities overall. The Land Between organization in partnership with Curve Lake First Nations and local stewardship groups has organized four Land Knowledge Circles from September to November 2017.