Creating an Inclusive Leadership Toolkit

Proj. #:4765
Description: Talking Circles are a pivotal tool in the teaching and learning by community members of the true tenets of democracy. Democracy in its ideal form provides for equal voice and equal opportunity for expression by all members of a group or community embracing diversity. The limiting factors in the western world to democracy are a result of large populations and areas resulting tiered systems or hierarchies that are prescribed to manage these volumes of voices. Talking Circles therefore are a true form of democracy which in their practice develop and strengthen relationships to facilitate inclusive leadership in communities and increases communities abilities to navigate and respond to changes. In addition to the re-introduction and orientation to Talking Circles as a direct experience of equal voice and democracy this project is not naïve in its assumptions that there needs to be other tools in addition to Talking Circles that can be adopted by groups as well as social sector organizations and governments - tools that can increase the depth of democracy and inclusivity in our communities. The student research will support the adoption of democracy and inclusive leadership within the social sector enduringly by contributing key elements to a larger library of resources and to an online toolkit. This toolkit will be one of the first in Ontario to provide comprehensive resources for the adoption of grassroots democracy in equal voice and inclusive leadership to community groups. The projects portfolio of tools knowledge/resources and communications will be designed to inspire grassroots democracy across Ontario and other parts of North America.