Template to Assess Morphology/Geological History

Proj. #:4768
Description: This project is about developing a template/guidelines to assess the morphology and geological history of features that prevail in the western half of The Land Between; the meeting of shield and St. Lawrence Lowlands. This history and these processes will be assumed to have led to the development of unique geological and physiographic features found in this belt and the consequent hydrology (kettles, lakes, rivers). This project’s template will include assumptions to become a prototype for evaluation which is then transferrable in order to interpret formations in areas across the bioregion. Layers of evidence will be compiled including historical maps and reports from the Geonames places library and the Trent valley archives, minerology, topography (DEM), ARIP reports, physiography (Chapman and Putnam) etc. Deliverables include a report outlining the template/layering/data and assumptions. In follow-up to this project, the template and assumptions will be used to interpret the conditions in one pilot area (Halls/Hawk Lakes) and then will inform the creation of new trails and interpretive education signage and communications.