Mary Northway and the Legacy of “Windy Pine” in Haliburton’s and Canada’s History

Proj. #:4770
Description: This project involves creating an exhibit on Mary Northway and Windy Pine for the Stanhope Museum located in Algonquin Highlands. Windy Pine has a fascinating and little known history. It was founded by Mary Northway and Flora Morrison in 1940 originally as a girls camp. The Ontario government had just opened up the area with Highway 35 and the two women decided to found a camp in which girls would do the kind of vigorous canoe trips that some boys camps offered. Northway was part of the Northway family that ran a series of department stores in Canada, including the Northways department store that sat opposite the main Eaton’s store in Toronto. She donated the property to Trent University in the early 1970s after she had become a strong proponent of the study of Canada in universities. Since the 1980s Windy Pine has been an academic and social retreat for scholars and students studying Canada and connected to Trent University.