Hydrology and Geomorphology of the South-West Sector of the Algonquin Dome

Proj. #:4787
Description: The proposed project will lead to a better understanding of the hydrology and geomorphology of the south-west sector of the Algonquin Dome during the time between about 13000 and 10000 yrs before present. The widely read reference Putnam (published in 1984) predates the long-term climate studies which have established that a cold period occurred during this time with an extremely rapid onset and even faster conclusion. This period is named the Younger Dryas and greatly affected the melting of what was left of the Wisconsinan Glacier. Certain landform features such as the Harburn Wells indicate that very large waterflows happened through many channels which now carry little or no water. This project will provide documentation on the history and processes assumed to have led to the development of unique geological and physiographic features found in the south-west sector of the Algonquin dome and the consequent hydrology (kettles lakes rivers).