Mapping our Work: Creating the Content for a Peterborough Labour History Walking Tour

Proj. #:4799
Description:A few years ago the Peterborough and District Labour Council organized a guided tour of Peterborough’s labour history led by a local historian. PDLC would now like to develop a new walking tour of Peterborough and needs to generate the content for this tour. This project would gather the historical data and stories to be used in the new tour. This would involve archival research and the gathering of the oral histories of a number of key labour history sites in Peterborough. This work would be done through traditional historical research and interviews with key players involved in labour history in Peterborough. The sites and events to be included in this research would be agreed between student, faculty and the PDLC at the start of the project. The second part of the project or potentially a second project would be the development of a map and pamphlet.