Places for People Process Mapping

Proj. #:4813
Description: Places for People (P4P) provides tenants with long-term affordable rental housing in Haliburton County. The non-profit organization also sets aside in a trust fund a small amount of the rent paid for the future of tenants and provides appropriate social supports for each family such as skills and education. The run-down buildings that P4P acquires to turn into new housing are strategically located to be within walking distance to shopping as well as schools and medical care. The volunteer run organization is planning to hire paid administrative support and therefore needs a functional understanding of the various processes of the organization. This will facilitate the future development of consistent procedures to ensure the continued viability of the organization. Selected research questions include: What are the current decision-making processes in place for P4P and how are decisions made? What should be included in a procedures manual for P4P? For the purposes of this project it is anticipated that there would be process maps (decision trees) developed for various functions of the organization: financial; property; fundraising; tenant support etc. In addition, recommendations would be made for the outline of a procedures manual to be developed in a follow-up project. This CBR project would be ideal for business students.