Replicating U-LINKS: Community Based Research Organization Process Mapping

Proj. #:4816
Description: U-Links is a Community-based research organization facilitating student research and community projects in partnership with Trent University and local Haliburton County organizations. U-Links is well regarded as an effective community-based organization and research agency with a broad organizational network. Recently a desire to replicate the model of this organization elsewhere has been expressed. The purpose of this project is to assess the business model and map the processes and practices of U-Links as an organization. This will determine standard operating procedures and model transferability to future CBR organizations in the region. Documentation of U-Links’ processes will help define existing processes toward the development of SOPs and highlight areas to explore for increased efficiencies. Research questions include: What are U-Links existing mechanisms and procedures as a non-profit organization internally and externally with the university and community (Process Mapping)? What are the transferrable aspects of this model that could be reproduced? What areas require improved efficiency or additional support and what are the recommendations? This project is appropriate for an independent undergraduate student or graduate student.