Estimate the Priority Sites for Turtle Tunnel Implementation (CSL)

Proj. #:4833
Description: Note that this is a Community Service Learning (CSL) project and not research. Turtles are at risk with the chief threat being losses from road mortalities. This project focuses on species recovery through preventative measures. The Land Between (TLB) is a region that runs across central Ontario from the Ottawa Valley to the Georgian Bay Coastline and is home to the highest density of shorelines (pocketed lakes, wetlands, rivers etc.) in Ontario. The rock and water in the region attracts unique species - especially reptiles and harbors 33% of Ontario’s turtles. This project is to understand and estimate the priority sites for turtle tunnel implementation - specifically to assess the relative viability of installing turtle tunnels at each of approximately 97 candidate turtle crossing sites at county roads in Haliburton County. The project is part of TLB’s Turtle Guardians initiative in partnership with the Toronto Zoo and six other partners. It will also be delivered for and with support from the Haliburton County Roads Department. The results of this project will enable TLB and its NGO partners under the Turtle Guardians program to understand which turtle tunnel sites are feasible/viable for mitigation measures to be installed. The resulting assessment will also enable the organization to recruit support for installation of tunnels/fencing at those sites and help partners understand which sites require alternative or secondary mitigation measures. Students will be working in teams out in the field at various designated sites conducting assessments with provided forms and supervised by a TLB staff person.