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Your research can make an impact

Pursuing community-based research with the TCRC is a rewarding way to earn academic credits while getting involved and contributing to your community. Your research will answer important questions posed by your community, and will help local organizations to do better work and to build a better Peterborough. To get a sense of the kinds of research questions local non-profits, arts organizations, governments, and other groups are asking right now, browse our available projects. Then, sign up! You’ll make connections in the community, produce relevant research for organizations making a difference at the local level, and learn about topics you wouldn’t get a chance to anywhere else.

Getting started

Students generally connect with our research projects either by enrolling in a Trent University course that we already work with (examples: ERST 3080Y, ERST3130H, ERSC 3160H, ERST 3250H, ERST 4250H, FRSC 4890Y, GEOG 3820H, GEOG 4030Y, IDST 4220Y, and SUST 5900H) or by doing an independent project (a reading course or something similar) under the supervision of a faculty member (we will connect you with an appropriate faculty member). Sometimes paid internships and fellowships are available.

Most of our independent projects commence at the beginning of each semester, but feel free to get in touch about opportunities throughout the year.

To get set up with a community-based research project, follow these steps:

  1. Search

    Check out our list of available research opportunities. If you want, filter by major or research theme.

  2. Apply

    Contact us or complete our application form.

  3. Interview

    Once we receive your application, someone will be in touch to arrange an interview with the hosting organization/group/employer and faculty.

  4. Start

    If a successful match is made, do a celebration dance then begin to refine the research questions and lay out a project plan that everyone can agree to.


Generally, a student must have already earned 10 full-year credits and have maintained a 75% average to pursue a project with the TCRC.  (If you do not meet these requirements, feel free to get in touch about whether you are eligible.)

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