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Student Application Form

Students generally connect with our projects either by enrolling in a course that we already work with, or by doing an independent for-credit project under the supervision of a faculty member (like a reading course).

To apply to undertake a community-based research project through the Trent Community Research Centre, please complete the application form below and email it to

Community-Based Research Student Application

**Note: This is a competitive process – submitting an application DOES NOT guarantee your participation in a community-based research project or register you for a course. Please contact us if you have questions about the application process.**

We are currently accepting applications for Fall 2018 and beyond. Click here to see a list of community-based research projects currently available to undertake.

The following courses have a strong Community-Based Research component and are currently offered, or have been offered in the recent past. Please refer to the academic calendar, or the specific department for additional details.

  • ADMN-4820Y
  • ADMN-4830H
  • BIOL-3980Y
  • BIOL-3981H
  • CAST-3011H
  • CAST-3810Y
  • CAST-3813H
  • CAST-4810Y
  • CAST-4811H
  • CAST-4813H
  • CUST-3087Y
  • ERSC-3160H
  • ERSC/ERST-3830Y
  • ERSC/ERST-3840H
  • ERSC/ERST-4830Y
  • ERSC/ERST-4840H
  • FRSC-4890Y
  • GEOG-4030Y
  • GEOG-4830Y
  • HIST-3820Y
  • HIST-3821H
  • HIST-4820Y
  • HIST-4821H
  • IDST-3700Y
  • IDST-3710H
  • IDST-3720H
  • IDST-4220Y
  • MATH-4850Y
  • MATH-4851H
  • MATH-4852H
  • POST-4970Y
  • POST-4971H
  • POST-4972H
  • SAFS-3850Y
  • SAFS-3860H
  • SAFS-4850Y
  • SAFS-4860H
  • SOCI-3570Y
  • SOCI-3580H
  • SOCI-4570Y
  • SOCI-4580H
  • WMST-3021H
  • WMST-3820Y
  • WMST-3821H
  • WMST-4820Y
  • WMST-4821H